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If you're beating yourself up for being "lazy" or failing to do your best, it's possible that there's an underlying emotional block at the root of your procrastination.

If you look carefully at the feelings that are holding you back, they can serve as signposts that tell you what external and internal problems you need to resolve.


Choose one task that you feel blocked on, and review the following questions:

  • Is there a specific part of the task that I dread?
  • Am I lacking communication, knowledge, or a key skill that I need to move forward productively?
  • Am I afraid of critical feedback?
  • Have I had negative experiences with a similar task in the past?
  • Is this task in alignment with my values and/or interests?

Sometimes getting around a block is as simple as taking a look inward at what's holding you back, and then taking steps to resolve it for yourself.

You may need to have a conversation with your manager or a colleague, You may need to reframe the task for yourself to make it more meaningful. You may need to brush up a key skill, or you may need to consider what it would take to get that task off your plate or reduce its impact.

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