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Meet Your Newest Coworkers: Your Kids

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Dr. Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, BetterUp’s Chief Innovation Officer partners with expert parenting coach, Debbie Stephens Stauffer, to discuss conquering the challenges of working at home with your kids.

The pair cover topics such as giving yourself permission to feel, giving children creative input around their current life circumstances, and creating a family compass to help navigate unexpected moments.

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Key Takeaways

  • Prepare your own “Oxygen Mask” first: Enable yourself to move from fear, worry, and guilt to a feeling of power, confidence, and optimism.
  • Identify and create routines, habits, and practices that give your family a sense of stability during a time of flux. Focusing on what you can control elevates your sense of freedom and resilience.
  • Reinforce your family identity by identifying a shared mission statement, values, and norms. In this time of change, unite through a sense of shared purpose and set expectations that empower your family members to rise to the occasion!

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