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The Whole Person Model provides a standardized, comprehensive set of Mindsets, Behaviors, and Outcomes that can be tracked over time.

The model’s 4 broad categories and 25 dimensions, briefly defined below, are integrated into your BetterUp Journey in a personalized way to help you become your best self.

1. Thinking As an Achiever (Mindsets)

These mindsets include goals, beliefs, and emotions that motivate individuals to achieve an optimal state of functioning.

Growth Mindset

You invest time and effort into learning and continual growth. People with a growth mindset tend to achieve higher levels of performance because they put more effort into improving themselves over time.

Those with a growth mindset:

- Seek opportunities that allow them to learn new skills.

- Believe abilities are developable and not something you are born with.

- Are better able to benefit from feedback than those with a Fixed Mindset.

Self Awareness

You know yourself well, which allows you to make decisions and choices that are aligned with who you are and where you want to go. This awareness can help you navigate toward situations where you will thrive.

Those with self-awareness as a strength:

- Understand their strengths and weaknesses.

- Know what brings joy to their life.

- Have clarity around their values and what they want out of life.

2. Thriving As a Person (Behaviors)

These are behaviors that support personally thriving across all domains of work and personal life.

Social Thriving

Social Connection

You value high-quality relationships and make an effort to invest in them. This allows you to maintain strong connections with a supportive social circle.

Those with social connection as a strength:

- Make time for the important people in their life.

- Surround themselves with people they can depend on.

- Seek out individuals who provide support and encouragement.


You are open and authentic with others. Expressing yourself honestly helps build trust and makes others feel more comfortable opening up and expressing themselves to you.

Those with authenticity as a strength:

- Make efforts to connect with others in an authentic way.

- Are comfortable showing their true feelings.

- Let others see their flaws as well as their strengths.


You are supportive and treat others with compassion. The ability to empathize with others helps you cultivate and successfully navigate interpersonal relationships at home and work.

Those with empathy as a strength:

- Are attentive to the emotional states of others.

- Provide encouragement to those who may be feeling down.

- Express warmth and consideration in their interactions.

Emotional Thriving


You treat yourself as you would a friend by not being overly critical or ruminating on shortcomings. This practice will help you be more resilient to setbacks and contribute to higher levels of well-being.

Those with self-compassion as a strength:

- Understand that mistakes are bound to happen and can be overcome.

- Focus on their strengths and opportunities rather than their shortcomings.

- Avoid being unnecessarily hard on themselves for failures.

Emotional Regulation

You have the ability to manage your emotions so that they work with you, not against you. This allows you to remain objective when emotions bubble up and connect with others who see you as a source of stability.

Those with emotional regulation as a strength:

- Acknowledge and address negative emotions in a positive way.

- Are able to maintain positive relationships despite receiving negative feedback.

- Take negative situations and reframe them in a positive light.

Cognitive Thriving

Cognitive Agility

You are able to shift your thinking quickly and successfully adapt to the demands of the situation. This skill allows you to solve problems efficiently, adjust to last minute changes, and identify novel solutions.

Those with cognitive agility as a strength:

- Are able to generate many novel solutions to challenges.

- Recognize when their approach is not working and make appropriate adjustments.

- Shift their thinking based on new information or conditions.


You can concentrate, ignore distractions, and cancel noise. Strong and steady, you are able to stay on a single task, which helps you work productively and get a lot done.

Those with focus as a strength:

- Are able to keep their minds from wandering.

- Focus on the most important tasks at hand.

- Consider aspects of their job to be highly stimulating.

Strategic Planning

You are a planner and think strategically about where you want to be in the future. Your ability to plan ahead will help you stay focused on what you want to achieve, identify pathways for success, and increase the likelihood that you will achieve your goals.

Those with strategic planning as a strength:

- Take time to reflect upon their ideal future.

- Set clear goals for what they want to accomplish.

- Make plans for how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

Physical Thriving

Physical Activity

You make your physical health a priority by investing time and energy into staying active. By investing in your physical fitness, you will benefit from improved cognitive functioning, mood, and longevity.

Those with physical activity as a strength:

- Prioritize physical activity even when it is not convenient.

- Are motivated to create strong habits around their fitness.

- Carve out time in their week to dedicate toward exercises


You understand the importance of nutrition, and are considerate about eating healthy. Eating healthy has many benefits including improved memory, attention, and energy.

Those with nutrition as a strength:

- Attend to what ingredients are in the food they consume.

- Make an effort to select food choices that are healthy.

- Understand that a healthy diet is an important contributor to one’s wellness.


You practice self-care by ensuring you get the rest you need to operate at your best. By giving yourself the time you need to unwind, you are benefiting from improved attention, immune functioning, and energy.

Those with rest as a strength:

- Pay attention to when they are feeling run down or overly tired.

- Make time in their schedule to rest and recharge.

- Stick to a healthy sleep schedule and routine.

3. Inspiring As a Leader (Behaviors)

These behaviors enable inspiring others in the workplace as either a formal or informal leader.

Motivating Others


You encourage others to take ownership by allowing them to decide how best to approach their work. Your ability to support others’ decisions is highly motivating for driven individuals who appreciate the latitude you give them to “run with it.”

Those with empowerment as a strength:

- Enable others to determine the best way to complete their job requirements.

- Allow autonomy so others can make decisions on their own.

- Structure work so that individuals have the flexibility to achieve in their own way.


You are good at recognizing and celebrating the efforts of others. Your encouragement keeps motivation high and inspires others to go the extra mile, improving productivity and making others feel good about their work.

Those with recognition as a strength:

- Acknowledge individuals when they produce high-quality work.

- Celebrate others’ milestones and achievements.

- Encourage those who go above and beyond in their work.

Guiding Others


You have the ability to strategically align people around shared goals. By clarifying team objectives and providing feedback to others, you enable your team to follow through on their goals.

Those with alignment as a strength:

- Provide clarity around what the team is working to achieve.

- Ensure employees get the feedback they need to be successful.

- Create consensus within the group when decisions are being made.


You guide and support others’ development through coaching. You have the ability to enable the growth of others by asking insightful questions and helping colleagues get the resources they need to be at their best.

Those with coaching as a strength:

- Suggest opportunities for others to learn and develop.

- Encourage others to set performance and career goals.

- Ask open-ended questions to stimulate others’ thinking.

Problem Solving

You are able to approach problems creatively and identify the best path forward, balancing tradeoffs, and incorporating varied perspectives. This makes you a valuable problem solver, and indispensable when your team is facing big challenges.

Those with problem solving as a strength:

- Encourage brainstorming to find the best possible solution to problems.

- Develop creative and novel strategies to achieve results.

- Collect information from many different perspectives to inform decisions.

Including Others

Encouraging Participation

You are skilled at making sure all voices are heard by encouraging the participation of others. This allows ideas to shine through from all team members, and creates a culture of openness and inclusion.

Those with encouraging participation as a strength:

- Involve individuals in decisions that impact them.

- Make sure others feel comfortable participating in discussions.

- Encourage everyone to share their ideas.

Relationship Building

You develop strong relationships at work and actively build your network. Maintaining positive relationships creates an environment that supports creativity, learning, and commitment.

Those with relationship building as a strength:

- Make introductions between people they know.

- Develop strong relationships with coworkers.

- Build relationships with others outside of their area of work.

4. Flourishing As a Whole Person (Outcomes)

These outcomes are the beneficial results associated with positive mindsets and behaviors.


Where others might falter, you bounce back from setbacks. In fact, you tend to perform at your best in the face of adversity. Buoyed by your resilience, you adapt, excel, and find new ways to accomplish your goals despite any obstacles.

Those with resilience as a strength:

- Overcome setbacks quickly, without dwelling on issues.

- Readily try new tactics when unsuccessful at first.

- Persevere through challenges and consistently work towards goals.

Purpose and Meaning

Your strong sense of purpose makes your job feel more like a calling than a career. This helps you stay motivated, focused, and brings a level of meaning and satisfaction that permeates all areas of your life.

Those with purpose and meaning as a strength:

- Pride themselves in their work and your organization.

- Have a desire to contribute to their organization’s mission.

- Believe that what they do is having an impact.

Stress Management

You are calm and centered, which is a testament to your ability to cope with stress. You take care of yourself so that you can perform at your best. People with this strength have been found to have increased focus, well-being and physical health.

Those with stress management as a strength:

- Are able to stay focused and keep important items top of mind.

- Are aware of their stress levels and how to manage them.

- Know how to channel stress effectively for performance.

Goal Attainment

You value your goals and believe you have what it takes to achieve them. Having clear goals helps you stay focused, perform at a higher level, and increases the likelihood that you will achieve what you want in life.

Those with goal attainment as a strength:

- Are confident that they can achieve the goals they set for themselves.

- Ensure that they have the resources and support they need to be successful.

- Select goals that are meaningful and important to them.

Work-Life Balance

You are able to maintain a healthy balance between your work life and personal life. Doing so helps you maintain strong social connections, prevents burnout, and improves your general well-being.

Those with work-life balance as a strength:

- Maintain a healthy social life outside of their work.

- Prevent their work from encroaching on their personal life.

- Ensure that their personal lives don’t interfere with their work.

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