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5 min

Whether you’re looking proactively, or you find yourself between positions unexpectedly, a job search can be stressful.

BetterUp Career coaching can help you stay centered through the process by supporting you as you take the steps necessary to find the next best role for yourself.

Being mentally and emotionally grounded through the process can help you put your best foot forward as you network and meet with prospective employers, and it can also help you make the right decision rather than a rushed one.

The coaching and support you receive from your BetterUp Career coach is intended to make the transition into the next stage of your career productive and rewarding, whether you are looking to grow internally, find a new position in your current field, or change careers entirely.

With your BetterUp Career Transitions Coach, learn how to manage the ups and downs of the job search so you can land somewhere worthy of your talents.

We can help you if:

  • You want help staying centered and grounded through the uncertainty of the search
  • You want to be strategic in crafting a long term vision for your career that aligns with your values and skills
  • You want practical support conducting your job search—networking, résumés, interviews, negotiation

Together with your Career Transitions coach, you can:

  • Explore possibilities and paint your vision of what you want next in your career
  • Cultivate endurance for the search so you stay motivated and optimistic
  • Build your positioning and personal branding for the job market
  • Evaluate your options and make decisions that are rooted in your values and vision
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