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Staying Resilient in Trying Times

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This resource kit was hand-selected by researchers at BetterUp to help our members live their lives with clarity, purpose, and passion during challenging times.

Let’s face it. Times are tough right now. We are navigating a period of prolonged uncertainty. If we’re not careful, chronic stress over an extended period of time can drain our energy and diminish our ability to stay balanced, grounded, and optimistic.

Fortunately, research shows that we all have the ability to fortify ourselves against persistently challenging situations. In this resource kit, we’ve compiled readings and tools to bring out your most resilient self. Learn how to:

  • Recognize, feel, and regulate difficult emotions in a healthy way
  • Reframe challenges into opportunities
  • Respond gracefully to difficult situations by harnessing your sense of purpose and meaning
  • Develop a growth mindset in order to adapt to change

Here are 3 goals that we recommend you try to build your resilience:

Step 1: Acknowledge Your Feelings by Appraising the Situation

How are you emotionally responding to the situation? These resources and activities will help you center yourself in the face of challenge and make meaning of the emotions that you’re feeling.

In this work, try reminding yourself: “I am feeling and healing.”

Step 2: Reframe the Situation and Move Forward

Practicing self-compassion and becoming more adaptive in how you cope can improve your wellbeing. These resources and activities will help you reduce the spiral of negative thinking to help guard against additional self-induced stress.

In this work, try reminding yourself: “I recognize the challenge and will use my stress to rise to the occasion.”

Step 3: Rise to the Challenge with Grace

When the going gets rough, it’s natural to feel sad or anxious about the changing circumstances. But research shows that having gratitude for the positive things that we do have in our lives - even during such times - enables us to be more resilient, manage stress, and boost our sense of well-being. These resources and activities will help you build resilient mindsets and behaviors to lift yourself and others up.

In this work, try reminding yourself: “I will be the best version of myself.”

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