Creating a Culture of Belonging

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Belonging Is Key

Creating a culture of belonging is not just a nice thing to do—it’s also good business. When employees feel like they belong, the business benefits.

Here Are The Facts

Research from BetterUp Labs has found that employees who report a strong sense of belonging perform better; 56% better, to be precise. The turnover risk for these employees is 50% lower and they take 75% fewer sick days.

Unsurprisingly, those who feel like they belong also tend to be more effective promoters of the company—the promoter score for those who feel a strong sense of belonging is 167% higher than for those who don’t feel included.

Your Chance To Lead

From time to time, moments arise when members of a team feel excluded. Although creating a sense of belonging depends on a multitude of factors, our team from BetterUp Labs has identified three exercises that consistently mitigate feelings of exclusion.

You can do these exercises alone or as a team whenever feelings of exclusion arise.

Use a journal to record your answers to each exercise and share with your coach if you have one.

Empower Employees Mentoring Exercise Being An Ally
Think system-level change. Reflect on your practices and processes. Simulate an experience. Change your mindset. Be proactive. Recognize and act against signals of exclusion.
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