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What does it mean to live your best life?

This activity focuses on envisioning a future that you want to make happen for yourself. In the grind of our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to lose sight of precisely what we want to accomplish. By writing about your future as if you’ve already attained all your goals, you not only remind yourself of what matters to you but also gain powerful insight into how you can bring it to fruition.

Although simple, positive psychologists have identified that this type of reflective writing exercise is a useful technique for enhancing well-being (King, L. A., 2001). Try it, and see what emerges.


  1. Identify a time and place where you won’t be disturbed where you can write for a minimum of 15 minutes for several days in a row. Consider a time at the end of your workday or before you go to bed.
  2. Grab you notebook or laptop and reflect on the following prompt: Think about your life in the future. Imagine that everything has gone as well as it possibly could. You have worked hard and succeeded in accomplishing all of your life goals. Think of this as the realization of all of your life dreams. Now, write about what you imagined.
  3. Once you start writing, write continuously. Don’t worry about spelling or grammar. If you run out of things to write about, repeat what you have already written—you might find you end up going in a new direction you hadn't considered before.
  4. After three or four days of doing this exercise, take stock of what you've written and see what has emerged. Are you surprised by what you envision for yourself?
  5. Consider creating a visual reminder of what you've created for yourself. You can make a vision board using collaged images, or just choose a single image or object, like a totem, that you can keep in your space as a reminder of where you are headed.

Reflect on this experience with your coach, if you have one, and work with them to create and commit to the action steps you can take to turn this vision into reality.

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