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We’ve all met inspiring and helpful people who came through our lives and then had to take a separate path ⁠— perhaps due to a job change or a relocation.

Even though you might not see that person anymore, they've left a lasting impression. Do you think you’ve left a lasting impression on anyone? How will your words and actions continue to affect colleagues when life takes you in a different direction?

By imagining how your workplace will function without you, you gain insights into how the decisions you make today will outlast your tenure. This exercise can also help you identify and minimize selfish and short-sighted behavior.


Step 1

Take a few minutes after work today to sit quietly in a comfortable space. Grab a notepad and a pencil, and begin to imagine that today is your last day at your job.

Step 2

Jot down a few of your proudest moments and consider how you’d like people to remember you. Think back to a time in the past when someone you care about praised you. What did he or she say about you?

Step 3

Now take those examples and come up with a few sentences that coworkers will say about you when you’re gone. Think about your legacy as well. If someone is stepping up to fill your shoes at the company, how will they look at the work you've done and the resources you've left them?

What did you learn about yourself? If you're working with a coach, send them a message to let them know.

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